2014 CR Update: Kinross achieves best safety record in our history, reduces water usage by 25%

Kinross has just released its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Data Supplement, which provides an update on key CR achievements following the publication of our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report. We continue to maintain and exceed the high standards that we have set in key areas of health and safety, environment, governance and community.

Some of the 2014 highlights include:

Safety and Labour standards

  • Best safety performance in our history and among the best in the industry
  • No employee and contractor fatalities for the second consecutive year


  • Reduced water use by a net 25% since 2013
  • Decreased mineral waste by 21%, non-mineral waste by 32%


  • $2.5 billion spent in host countries
  • 98% of our workforce represented by people from the host country where we operate.
  • Contributed to 687 local community programs initiatives and events that benefitted over 800,000 people.

Our People

  • Developed the Kinross Way for Diversity to strengthen diversity in the workplace. The Board of Directors updated its Diversity Policy in 2014 and created a gender diversity target of 33% for female representation on the Board.
  • 100% training of security forces in Human Rights

Click here to read the full report.

Stephen McGowen, Department Trainer, Round Mountain

A student hard at work at a school built by Kinross near Chirano

Environmental reclamation near our Fort Knox mine