A COO Safety Message from Lauren Roberts

I hope everyone had a safe and joyous holiday season together with your families and loved ones.

The holidays are a good time to reflect on what’s important, and I can think of nothing more important than family. For me, this is why our most important goal as a Company is to make sure we all get home safe and sound every day.

That’s what our families expect of us: that we will all get the right training for every job we do; that our supervisors and fellow employees will keep an eye out for us, and we’ll keep an eye out for others; and that the Company won’t accept shortcuts or compromise on safety.

That’s certainly my expectation. Looking back, we’ve just completed one of our safest years as a Company, and I want to thank each of you for your constant diligence and efforts to work safely.

But we can do more. Looking forward, we can do more to ensure that the proper controls are in place for the work we are doing. We can do more to proactively identify triggers that could lead to serious injuries – before they become injuries. And we can do more to share what we’ve learned with other departments and other sites, to help make us all safer.

That will be our focus for 2019. Here’s to another safe year!

– Lauren

Lauren Roberts
Chief Operating Officer
Kinross Gold Corporation

Hard hats hang on the wall after a group of miners shift