A Place for Faith: Building a Chapel in Ecuador

“Our thanks to Kinross, for having shared with the Shuar community, and for having done many projects that have benefited those most in need of support.” (Vicente Sharupi, President of the Nankais Shuar Community)

In October, Kinross announced the sale of Fruta del Norte to Fortress Minerals. While we decided against moving forward with the development of FDN, we did not walk away from our responsibilities, including to local Ecuadorean indigenous communities like the Shuar.

On November 8th, a new chapel for the Shuar was officially opened in Nankais, a small village of approximately 250 people, located near the FDN project. Kinross donated furniture for the chapel, including pews and seats, the fibreglass cross for the altar, the bronze church bell, and the chapel’s sound system.

“This project is a great example of collaboration between different groups – in this case the Catholic church, the Franciscan Mission of the USA, the parish government, and Kinross, in order to achieve a lasting improvement in quality of life for one of the many Shuar communities in Zamora Chinchipe.” Dominic Channer (Vice-President, External Affairs, Americas)


The new chapel Kinross helped build for the Shuar indigenous community in Ecuador

Shuar dancers perform at the inauguration ceremony