Abdoul Moumine Ahmed Abdoul Moumine, Health and Safety Officer, Tasiast

Abdoul, who joined Kinross in 2012, is known as one of the best promoters of health and safety at Tasiast.

“He always ensures the safety of everyone at the site,” said his Manager, Abdelaziz Ould Ahmedou, Health and Safety Manager, Tasiast.

Abdoul has spent countless hours reading best practises in health and safety from other sites across the Company to help create a new Permit To Work (PTW) process system for Tasiast. Abdoul then led the training and development of Tasiast staff to learn the updated system.

Abdoul is trilingual, speaking English, French and Arabic. “The fact that he speaks the three languages that we operate in at the site helps with educating everyone about safety in the workplace,” continued Abdelaziz.

Abdoul also monitors and inspects fire extinguishers in the CIL Plant and his attention to detail has helped avoid many potential risks.

The Tasiast site has improved its Total Reportable Frequency Rate and their Severity Rates in the past few years. Tasiast’s recent safety performance was recognized last year, winning the first-ever Kinross COO Award for Most Improved Safety Performance. Abdoubl’s colleagues say that he played a large role in achieving this feat.