All in the Kinross family: Round Mountain raises funds for Chilean relief

Motivated by a desire to help their Kinross co-workers in Chile, Kinross Round Mountain employees took to the kitchen to raise money for disaster relief after the worst rainfall in 80 years left flooding and damage in Chile.

Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to make a traditional Chilean lunch of empanadas, ground beef in a stuffed pastry, with pebre salsa, a spicy sauce typically eaten with meat. The team quickly learned that folding each empanada while keeping the meat inside was tricky! Two days of cooking and 200 empanadas later, the meals raised over $1,800.

Rudolfo Lagos, Exploration Geologist at Round Mountain is originally from Chile. “Everyone coming together to help Chile has been touching. From Kinross donating the ingredients to employees generously making and buying the meals, every little bit counts.”

Fun fact: Did you know that the word empanada comes from the Portugese and Spanish verb empanar, which means to wrap or coat in bread?

From chopping to cooking, it’s a team effort to make the dishes

Rodolfo Lagos, Exploration Geologist, with the final product

Kitchen confidential: carefully folding the empanadas