Bald Mountain hosts site visit for stakeholders and government officials

Bald Mountain recently hosted a site visit for community members, government officials and local NGO representatives to get a first-hand look at our operations and build stronger relationships.

The group visited the Vantage Complex project, Mooney North, Top Pit, Redbird reclamation area and Mill Spring wildlife habitat. In the second half of the day, they attended presentations and Q&A sessions with site management, including representatives from our Environment, CR and Health and Safety teams.

The tour was an excellent opportunity to interact with stakeholders, listen to questions and provide them with hands on experiences at site, all of which contribute to Bald Mountain’s strong reputation.  

The stakeholder tour was one of three large tours hosted by Bald Mountain in 2019. Representatives from Trout Unlimited visited the site in July to discuss mule deer habitat and concurrent reclamation activities, and a MineTec group of students studying the minerals industry also received a tour, a representation of Kinross’ commitment to educating the next generation of miners. 

Josh Roderick, Environmental Services Manager (left), speaks with Larry Johnson, President of the Coalition for Nevada’s Wildlife during the stakeholder visit.
Stakeholders stop for a photo during their tour