Bald Mountain receives prestigious Nevada reclamation award

Congratulations to Bald Mountain for winning the Nevada Excellence in Mine Reclamation Committee award.

Bald Mountain won the award after the Nevada Department of Wildlife nominated the site for the Concurrent Reclamation and Wildlife Habitat Restoration categories.

The awards committee praised Bald Mountain’s concurrent reclamation of approximately 1,100 acres of land that reduced disturbance within and adjacent to a mule deer migration corridor near the mine. The committee noted they had never seen a mine accomplish a reclamation project of this magnitude in such a short amount of time. The committee was also impressed by the site’s effort and commitment to finding solutions to enable deer to safely move through this area during mining activities.

Bald Mountain’s mule deer monitoring program was also highlighted for its real-time tracking and monitoring of deer throughout the mine. Data from this program is reviewed by Bald Mountain’s  Wildlife Working Group at the end of each migration season to help them assess the migration route of deer in the area.

The awards committee is comprised of five different regulatory agencies including the U.S. Forest Service, Nevada Department of Wildlife, Nevada Division of Minerals, Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. 

The Nevada Excellence in Mine Reclamation awards celebrate mine sites that exhibit excellent mitigation activities for improving the environment in counties where they operate.  

Bald Mountain employees accept their award from the Nevada Mining Association. From left to right: Tim Dyer, Board of Directors for the Nevada Mining Association, Stephanie Hallinan, Environmental Engineer, Joshua Roderick, Environmental Manager, Marc Fonger Reclamation Superintendent, Rick Perry, Director of Nevada Division of Minerals

A bird’s-eye view of the mule deer migration route located in Bald Mountain reclamation route