Bald Mountain summer interns provide support beyond the mine

This summer, Bald Mountain hired 12 summer students and four interns to gain experience in the human resources, projects, accounting and contracting departments at the mine.

Two 18-year old students, Lukas Nelms and Jose Zataray, took a different approach to the summer by working on various tasks outside of the mines day-to-day operations.  

The pair tackled projects as simple as cleaning up trash along Elko Country road, painting local barricades and repairing gates, to more complex projects such as installing reflective delineators and two cattle guards at the Tumbling JR Ranch.

“These completed projects will create lasting benefits in our community and demonstrate to our neighbours the importance we place on the local health and environment,” said Dale Thompson, Projects and Capital Manager, Bald Mountain. “Lukas and Jose stepped up to get their hands dirty and work outside the box. We could not have made these improvements without their hard work.”

As the summer ended, the students reflected on their experiences with Kinross including seeing local wildlife, exploring large equipment and discovering the community relations aspects of Bald Mountain’s operations.

This fall, Lukas will start business school at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Jose will pursue an electrical systems certificate at Great Basin College.

Lukas Nelms (left) and Jose Zataray (right), in front of a shovel at Bald Mountain 

Justin Farris, Warm Springs Rancher (right), teaches Lukas and Jose how to install a cattle guard in White Pine County 

Lukas and Jose make repairs to the Long Valley Road in White Pine County