Bald Mountain wins Nevada Mine Reclamation Award

Congratulations to Bald Mountain which recently received a reclamation award for Leadership in Conservation Planning for their enrollment in the Nevada Sage-grouse Conservation Credit System (CCS)!

In 2017, Bald Mountain enrolled in the program to mitigate impacts to sage-grouse habitat from the mine’s expansion.

Since 2017, Bald Mountain has implemented conservation efforts such as limiting new disturbance and infrastructure, removal of pinyon and juniper trees, maintaining fencing and implementing grazing management to preserve habitat.

The Nevada Mining Association (NMA) recently recognized Bald Mountain’s efforts at an awards gala held this month at Lake Tahoe.

“We are proud to accept this award for our efforts to preserve and protect the greater sage-grouse habitat in Nevada,” said Josh Roderick, Environmental Manager, Bald Mountain. “Our Bald Mountain team actively works to protect the environment and maintain our reputation as a responsible corporate citizen and we are proud to have our efforts recognized.” 

The Nevada CCS was created to preserve and enhance greater sage-grouse habitats by trading credits to offset environmental impacts from land use. The program aims to maintain multi-use concepts of public land and to enhance habitats on private and public land.

Bald Mountain expects to undertake and maintain conservation actions for the next 30 years, laying the foundation for efficient and effective implementation for future industry initiatives.

Captured above, the Bald Mountain team at the awards gala. From left to right: Joe Sawyer, Bureau Chief – Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation, Beth Ericksen, Principal Advisor, Permitting, Bald Mountain, Josh Roderick, Environmental Manager, Bald Mountain and Brian Amme, Deputy State Director for Minerals 

A Sage-Grouse