Best Mining Story: A ‘Safety Share’ from Tasiast

Mohamed Salem Soueilem, Safety Superintendent, Tasiast shares a story that reminds us why following safety rules and procedures is so important. Prior to joining Tasiast in 2011, Mohamed worked as a safety officer for a third-party drilling company at site. He reflects on a story from the former role:

“Back then, I used to do routine safety checks of the drills. One windy night, as I was leaving the pit and driving back, I stopped at the stop sign just like every other time. I looked quickly left, then right, and I came to a full stop and was about to hit the gas to start driving again.

A split second before putting my foot on the pedal, a giant haul truck went speeding right through the intersection.

I sat still for a while even after the truck passed. I was lost between a feeling of fear and bewilderment. Fear of what could have happened if I had started to quickly drive again, or if I just slowed down instead of fully stopping, as the truck was very close. I probably wouldn’t be telling the story today.

I often reflect on that night. A night that made me realize that when it comes to safety, a split second can make a big difference between life and death. And once again, I saw how following the rules of the road and taking your time instead of just hurrying along, can keep you safe.”

Mohamed Salem Soueilem, Safety Superintendent, Tasiast