Best Mining Story: ‘Safety Share’ from a 20-year Paracatu employee

Paulo Camargos, Mechanical Technician, Plant 1 Maintenance, has worked at Paracatu for 20 years.

Kinross’ focus on safety drew Paulo to the Company and it is also part of what has kept him passionate about working at Paracatu. Paulo’s ‘safety share’ reminds us that nothing is insignificant when it comes to health and safety:

“Safety has always been very important at Kinross. It is a part of our culture and everyday work activities. We are all well trained and have every tool at our disposal to keep us safe.

Early on in my career, I remember that during a shift at the plant, our Manager took us aside and gave us a handful of small screws. We didn’t know what they were for. He then told us that he had found them loose around the plant and that they could be a serious hazard. It moved me and all of us there that day. Something so tiny and seemingly insignificant could make all of the difference. Our Manager never found any loose parts ever again. It redefined our outlook on safety.

Before Kinross, I worked at a place that didn’t have masks for welding, causing skin burns and eye injuries. Unfortunately, this is more common than you would think. A commitment to safety is part of what sets our Company apart.

We all have to be aware that we all have family at home that wait for us to come home safely at the end of the day. Safety needs to become a routine so that it is automatic, like putting on your seatbelt. These are the things that make the difference when it comes to safety culture and what we have at Kinross.”

Paolo Camargos

With part of the mechanical maintenance team at Paracatu