Caleb Trease, Senior Safety Specialist, Round Mountain

Caleb has worked at Kinross since 2003 and began his mining career in the ore processing department. Early on, he developed an interest in safety and began working in the department seven years ago.

His colleagues say he has a “big heart” and always puts safety first. Caleb’s big heart is exemplified through his work as a pastor at a local church where he frequently helps youth in the community to overcome challenges in their lives. He mentors students who have fallen on hard times who credit Caleb as getting them back on track.

At work, Caleb is known for his passion for safety and his love of training.

“His interaction with colleagues during safety training sessions puts them at ease and he creates an environment where people want to participate and want to learn,” said Darrel McMillan, Training Specialist, Round Mountain.

Caleb has been instrumental in developing and implementing the Permit To Work (PTW)  systems at the site. He also provides training to all Kinross sites on their procedures.

“Thanks to Caleb, our PTW programs are world-class,” continued Darrel. “He has put considerable time and effort into upgrading our PTW and ensures that our trainers are delivering the best possible training to our workforce. Caleb also spends a lot of time in the field checking the effectiveness of programs.” In fact, his PTW systems have been so successful that they are used as an example of best practice and has travelled to other Kinross sites to help train other employees, including Fort Knox.

The high standard of safety at Round Mountain has not gone unnoticed as the site was named the ‘Safest Large Surface Mine’ in Nevada for two years in a row by the Nevada Mining Association.

When asked what his favourite part about working at Kinross is, Caleb responded with: “We have the best-of-the-best at Kinross and they will challenge you and ask you the hard questions – that’s the thing I like the most.”