Celebrating International Women’s Day with the Women of Kinross

On March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day – a global initiative to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. This year, we have chosen to profile five women across all levels of the Company to share their journey in the mining industry and their advice  for women in mining.

Let’s meet the Women of Kinross!

Ana Cunha, Government Relations, Social Responsibility, Communications and Community Relations Director, Paracatu, Brazil.

“I joined Kinross in 2013 and became the first female director at Kinross Brazil in 2019 after working in a variety of disciplines including Community Relations, Communications, Government Relations and Social Responsibility. My favourite part about my job is contributing to a responsible, engaged operation that is a big part of the Paracatu community and seeing the outcomes of our hard work come to life. My advice for women in mining is that in order to achieve your goals you will need strength and your voice, and we will all need each other’s support! Let’s do it together!”

Leann Johnson, Mine Department Trainer, Round Mountain, Nevada

“I joined the Kinross family in 2009 as a haul truck driver and was soon trained and promoted to work on the water trucks and rubber tire dozers, and finally reached my current position as a Mine Department Trainer. My favourite part of my job is giving people the tools and resources they need to realize their love for mining. If I could give women in mining a piece of advice it would be that there isn’t anything you can’t do! That’s what my mom used to say. Always go big, go for your dreams, and never give up.”

Hélène Timpano, Senior Vice-President, Operations, Toronto, Canada

“I joined Kinross in 2012, as I was attracted to a role that worked with a global portfolio of mines. Since then, my role has evolved but remained focused on two constants – operations strategy and continuous improvement. I oversee a variety of global functions and work closely with Kinross’ Chief Technical Officer and our Regional Senior Vice-Presidents of Operations to set and track our short and long-term performance against our global priorities.

One of my favourite parts about Kinross is the variety. Over the course of my career at Kinross, I have tackled all kinds of topics and learned so much from my top-notch colleagues. My advice to women in mining is to reflect on who has given you the gift of mentorship. Pay that gift forward and consider who could benefit from your mentorship.”

Elena Yatsuk, Environmental Manager, Dvoinoye, Russia

“I joined Kinross in 2014 as an Environmental Specialist at Dvoinoye and worked my way up to becoming an Environmental Manager. My favourite part of my job is being able to enjoy the beautiful natural environment in the areas I work in while collaborating with colleagues from all levels and disciplines of the organization. My advice to women in mining would be that in order to succeed, you need to be yourself – don’t be shy or afraid to step outside your comfort zone and champion your ideas.” 

Mariem Haballa, Electrical Instrumental Technician, Tasiast, Mauritania

“I joined Kinross in 2016 after graduating from the Mauritania School of Mines as an electromechanical engineer. Working at Kinross was my first job and it has been a great opportunity to broaden my experience. I have been responsible for monitoring the plant to maintain proper equipment functionality and for ensuring the safety of my co-workers. My favourite part of my job is the constant learning and new challenges that I face each day. Working at Tasiast has taught me to further my career development while setting an example that Mauritanian women are capable of succeeding in this industry. My advice to women in mining would be to strive to achieve your ambitions regardless of the field you work in – women, now more than ever, are capable of doing anything!”

Thank you to our Women of Kinross for sharing their stories and continuing to be stand-out examples of Women in Mining. Happy International Women’s Day!

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