“Chameleon” Joins the Fleet at Paracatu

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?  At Paracatu… it’s a new truck they call Chameleon.

Part-truck, part-transformer…here’s an overview of what Chameleon can do:

1. It has a built-in hoist that streamlines equipment changes. The truck can place a rig on a platform, and then move that platform onto the truck. Using Chameleon is 80% faster than the previous rig-moving process.

2. Chameleon has a water tank that can carry enough water to supply Paracatu’s rigs for 24 hours. The water tank can be lifted from the truck in 10-15 minutes, reducing the wait time for water replenishment by more than 50%. That means more time for drilling and higher productivity.  

3. Chameleon is also a mobile office, with a tool room that can hold more than 50 rods, equipment for drilling long holes, and an office with a desk, table and chairs.

“We seek alignment with our values and are keenly focused on Continuous Improvement,” says Eldrick Ésper (Geology Manager, Paracatu).

“With this new equipment we have been able to improve the performance of our rigs, decrease the cost of drill cores by 10-15%, and implement better and more efficient safety standards. It has also helped us find budget savings of approximately $300,000 per year.”



The Geology team at Paracatu is reaping the benefits of a new multi-purpose truck they have named “Chameleon”.