Chile launches heritage development program with Colla Community

Chile recently launched the culture and heritage development program in collaboration with local non-profit agency ‘Fundación Proyecto Ser Humano’ and three Colla communities surrounding the mine.

The program aims to preserve indigenous heritage by educating youth and enhancing awareness about cultural traditions.

Over the last few months, our community relations team has worked closely with the communities to integrate ancestral practices into youth education programs and incorporate traditional indigenous ceremonies into community programming. 

“This program is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our communities’ local history and create a system to protect and preserve its heritage,” said Cristina Fernandez, Community Relations Manager, Copiapó. “We are dedicated to aligning our resources with government officials in the region to meet the needs of the community and maximize the success of this program.”    

Indigenous leaders perform a traditional ceremony with community members
Colla community members share their plans with local government officials
Members of the Colla community, Kinross employees and government officials after a meeting to discuss their heritage development plans