Chirano completes underground workshop at Paboase

Chirano recently completed the ‘1675 underground workshop’ at the Paboase underground deposit. The maintenance workshop was completed in late November 2018.

The new workshop will service equipment from the Paboase and Akoti deposits, increasing efficiency and productivity by servicing heavy machinery such as large drills and trucks underground as opposed to moving them above ground, which can take upwards of two hours each way.

“At Chirano, we are always thinking of opportunities for continuous improvement, and we are very excited to have completed the 1675 underground workshop at Paboase,” said Adriano Sobreira, Vice-President & General Manager, Chirano. “This underground workshop will save both time and money, while getting machinery back in operation quickly and efficiently.”

This project was successfully executed by the underground technical services and engineering departments who worked tirelessly to have the workshop ready for 2019. The project is expected to save Chirano approximately $300,000/year.

Inside the workshop

Inside the workshop – two of the three spaces for large pieces of equipment to be serviced

The entrance way to the workshop