Chirano funds project to bring electricity to neighbouring village

For the first time ever, Kwawkrom, a village near our Chirano mine, has been connected to the national electricity grid in Ghana. Kinross funded a project by Ghana’s national electricity company to erect 3.5 kilometres of power lines connecting the small agricultural-based community, which has around 250 residents.

Chirano and the Community Consultative Committee (CCC), a local group that represents the communities around the mine, hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the momentous day. Chirano meets with the CCC on a regular basis to discuss local issues and dialogue with local stakeholders.

“This is a big step towards improving education, economic development and overall community life. We at Kinross are proud to be able to share this memorable day with Kwawkrom,” said Ken Norris, General Manager and Vice-President, Chirano.

Before being connected to the grid, the small community relied solely on working only during daylight hours.“Thank you to Kinross for this essential service that will transform and improve our daily lives. Parts of our town were previously abandoned for other communities with electricity. I am grateful that we can now work to develop our community again,” said Nana Frimpong Manso, a member of the Community Consultative Committee.

Kwawkrom community members at the event 

Ken Norris, General Manager and Vice-President, with Nana Frimpong Manso to cut the ribbon at one of the hydro grids