Chirano hosts First Aid and Safety Competition

Chirano recently hosted its annual First Aid and Safety Competition at a local Akaaso school, organized in collaboration with the Ghana Chamber of Mines and St. John’s Ambulance, to test efficiency and effectiveness in emergencies. 

Mining companies from across the region came together with practical demonstrations of first aid scenarios to teach community members life-saving techniques.

“It was a privilege to participate in this event with Kinross,” said Nana Nwunu II, Chief of the Akaaso community. “This event has empowered our community members to deliver lifesaving first aid treatment in the event of an emergency.”

Each company was responsible for assembling a team of employees and community members, and then tasked with a first aid scenario. Together, they worked to resolve the scenario, with company representatives teaching community members best practices.

“This competition demonstrates the important health and safety training our employees undertake, and how we can support our neighbours in case they encounter a potentially fatal situation,” said Adriano Sobreira, Vice-President and General Manager, Chirano. “We received positive feedback from the community, and were happy to see many residents attend the event and learn first aid procedures.”

Kinross placed in the top three for best practices associated with mitigating the risk of fatalities during emergencies.

The mine safety team works to stabilize a colleague during the exercise

Community members practice proper techniques for loading a colleague into an emergency vehicle

Teams prepare for their task during the competition