Chirano hosts ‘Safety Song’ Competition

This summer, Chirano hosted a ‘Safety Song’ competition and encouraged employees to come up with their best safety jingles!

Employees auditioned in front of the judges and the top seven performers had two weeks to master their songs with the assistance of a professional studio.

Augustine Allotey, Engineer, Chirano, emerged as the winner with his safety song ‘One Safe, All Safe.’ Click here to listen to his winning song.

“Chirano is committed to exploring the most innovative ways of enforcing safety at the mine. From today forward, we have our own safety songs to dance to at any event!” said Adriano Sobreira, Vice-President and General Manager, Chirano. “While we are entertained with these songs, they also serve as reminders to adhere to safety protocols in every task we undertake, inside and outside of the mine.”   

The winning song, ‘One Safe, All Safe,’ will be played at Chirano events and across the mine site to continue reminding employees about the importance of safety at work.

The top contestants before they showcased their songs in front of the judges

Employees dance while playing the winning song ‘One Safe, All Safe.’