Chirano organizes cancer screening for community members

In collaboration with the Ghana Health Service, Chirano organized a cervical cancer awareness campaign for employees and community members.

The event included information sessions on cervical cancer and the importance of regular testing to identify potentially cancerous cells. A screening was held for participants at local health centers within the Bibiani and Sefwi communities.

Approximately 630 women took part in the screening, including Kinross employees, contractors and community members.  

“This event is a great opportunity to empower and educate community members. Pre-cancerous cells can be caught early and when treated can significantly reduce the risk of fatality,” said Dr. Edward Osei-Appiah, Team Leader, OB Specialist. “Our goal is to help community members with early diagnosis and to encourage regular checkups to prevent cancers from spreading.”

Cervical cancer occurs in women, commonly between the ages of 25-50. Annual screenings can find pre-cancerous cells that can be treated to reduce the risk of cells becoming cancerous and potentially fatal.

Community members and employees during a seminar at the event 

Participants wait in the hospital for their screening