Chirano welcomes community scholars

Three years ago, Chirano implemented a youth training program dedicated to furthering education and development of local youth in communities surrounding the mine.

Thirty students were selected to attend the Kumasi Technical Institute under Kinross-sponsored scholarships. The students received technical training in a variety of areas including welding and fabrication, diesel and heavy-duty operations, and computer technology.

This month, we welcomed back the students who successfully completed their three-year degrees and presented them with a recognition award for completion.

“At Kinross, we realize that developing our communities is not only about providing physical infrastructure. There is a need to train and empower our neighbours with employable skills to have successful careers in popular industries,” said Adriano Sobreira, Vice-President and General Manager, Chirano. 

The Chirano community scholars program reinforces Kinross’ active goal to equip the youth of local communities with employable skills to improve their standard of living and future career opportunities. 

Scholarship recipients are captured with leaders from their communities 

The Chief of Paboase presents an award to one of the recipients