Chirano Women’s Club hosts forum to help empower and inspire young women

The Chirano Women’s Club recently hosted a development forum to empower young women and provide them with skills and resources to pursue their education and develop their confidence.. 

During the session, female senior leaders from Kinross and the local community spoke about their journey in the workforce and how they overcame difficult roadblocks throughout their education and career.

“As a female in a male dominated industry, you may often feel outnumbered. It is important to recognize the contributions you bring to a team and excel doing them,” said Adinorta Nti Yeboah, Human Resource Manager, Chirano. “As women, we need to encourage one another and promote each other’s successes.”  

To conclude the session, participants were invited to network with speakers and gain personalized mentorship advice with opportunities to connect outside of the forum.

The Chirano Women’s Club was established in 2016 with the purpose of empowering female employees and members of the community. The club currently has 200 participants.

The panel of speakers at the forum
Nana Densua-Achiamah, custodian of tradition, Sefwi-Anhwiaso , speaks to the participants of the forum.