Chirano Women’s Club hosts training workshop

Last week, the Chirano Women’s Club held a baking skills workshop for local community members.

Forty women participated in the workshop where they were taught how to make cookies, cakes, bread and donuts.

The event was aimed at providing skills that create alternative livelihoods for community members. In Ghana, it is common for women to create their own micro businesses in baking and culinary arts as a secondary form of income.

“The workshop aims to empower women to become independent by developing their own income-generating activity. We need to have a pro-active attitude to get the best chance for our members to discover and embrace new opportunities,” said Hilda Arhin, Talent Acquisition Superintendent, Chirano and President of the Chirano Women’s Club.

The club will be holding a second workshop focusing on different skills in the fall.

The ladies who participated in the workshop with their baked goods

Hard at work, learning how to prepare some tasty treats