Chirano women’s club promotes women in mining

To encourage more women to enter the mining industry, Chirano created a women’s club with the goal of empowering females in the mining sector and creating an environment to provide support, advice and mentorship.

The club, made up of 180 women and include employees and contractors at Chirano, along with women and students from the local community who aspire to get into mining, encourages women to advance their skills and ideas at work.

“Women’s perspectives and experiences help broaden the Company’s insight and strategies and can lead to achieving set targets and goals” said Hilda Arhin, Talent Acquisition, Chirano, and Founding President of Chirano Women’s club.

At the club’s inaugural event, Hilda encouraged women to work together and to aspire to senior management positions.

“Women are great leaders and their contributions cannot be underestimated,” continued Hilda.

To celebrate the new club and bring people together, they held a community event that included activities like face painting, a bouncy castle and slides for local kids.

The inaugural Chirano Women’s Club

Children show off their painted faces at the women’s club children’s party

Fun in the bouncy castle!

An aerial view of the event