Designing a reverse air flow system in-house

Employees: Andrey Proskurin (Instrumentation and Controls Engineer) and  Timofey Pravdivets (Instrumentation Electro mechanic)

Problem: Dvoinoye’s main ventilation system did not have a mechanism to reverse the direction of the airflow, which is critical for underground (UG) mining operations.

Suggestion: After extensive analysis, Andrey designed a reverse air flow system for the two main UG fans that met with regulatory standards.

Result: With approval from the UG management team, Andrey and Timofey successfully installed the sophisticated electrical equipment, ensuring full functionality of the reverse airflow system. The project also included automating the main ventilation door on the surface’s portal. 

The main ventilation system for the underground operations. 

Distribution panel with programmable logic controller (PLC) for reverse air control.