Dvoinoye Employees’ Innovative Suggestions Turn Into Savings

Whether it’s designing and building a reverse air flow system, insourcing expensive cables or reducing vehicle repair and maintenance through innovation, Dvoinoye employees play a pivotal role in driving Continuous Improvement (CI) on site.

Thanks to the site’s “I suggest!” program, employees are encouraged to submit ideas and solutions for onsite improvements, which are then assessed and reviewed by a small team led by Renat Yusupov (CI Manager, Dvoinoye).

“The employee suggestion program empowers everyone to participate in improvement initiatives on site,” says Renat. “Each employee also has an opportunity to implement their own idea. The program has helped embed CI in the culture.”  

KWO originally put the spotlight on the “I suggest!” program in Employees Drive Continuous Improvement at Dvoinoye. Read some new successful examples from the employee suggestion program.