Dvoinoye’s latest safety innovation

“Safety is a part of our daily culture. We live it and are always assessing risks,” said Manuel Hausmann, Deputy General Manager, Dvoinoye.

After winning the 2014 CEO Award for Best Safety Performance and achieving the lowest overall total reportable injury rate and injury severity rate last year, Dvoinoye has continued to look for ways to improve safety.

Over the past year, the site has introduced new enhancements to mitigate risk, including “Flexcom”, a real-time safety and security software program that tracks movement of personnel underground.

The new system uses radio frequency technology to identify each employee by adding a personalized chip in their cap lamp. It shows the location of staff at all times, along with heavy equipment and machinery to ensure everyone’s safety. The program can also locate employees in case of an emergency.

At Dvoinoye, safety has been integrated into all aspects of day-to-day operations. All staff complete extensive training and education, and are constantly upgrading their skills.

“Open dialogue about safety is a big component of our daily meetings,” said Manuel. “We share information and insight about past experiences as well as new industry processes. We’re always learning.”

“Safety and operations go hand-in-hand. Safer operations lead to increased production, output and greater efficiency,” he added.

An aerial view of Dvoinoye

The radio frequency chip gets installed in the cap lamp

Observing the “Flexcom” underground safety program at work