Enhancing Safe Trucking Operations in Russia’s Far East

Diminished visibility, decreased traction, and strong winds are common hazards truck operators in Russia’s Far East face during poor weather conditions. A renewed focus on transportation safety has kicked off with the creation of the Safe Trucking Action Group (STAG). With a mission to provide overall guidance for the all-season road between KM 21 (located at Pevek), Dvoinoye and Kupol, STAG’s objectives include:

  • Enhancing the safety of Kinross trucking operations in Chukotka, specifically the region between our KM 21, Dvoinoye and Kupol sites
  • Reducing the risk of road accidents for Kinross contractors, employees and other users of the winter road from KM 21 and the all-season road from Dvoinoye to Kupol
  • Sharing best practices, ideas, observations and insights from incidents across the region
  • Ensuring good communications and cooperation between groups responsible for roads and transportation at different sites

“This initiative was driven by our collective commitment to increasing overall transportation safety performance among our sites. We look forward to seeing results of this new collaboration,” says Michael Moore (Healthy & Safety Manager, Kupol and Chairman of the STAG Committee).

Some members of the STAG committee (from left to right): Alexey Voronov (Deputy Health & Safety Manager, Dvoinoye), Viktor Makarov (Site Services Superintendent, Kupol), Michael Moore (Health & Safety Manager, Kupol), and Alexander Matvienko (Support Services Superintendent, Dvoinoye). 


Pictured above: The winter road in Russia’s Far East. Photo credit: Andrey Zagrebelny (Health & Safety Deputy Manager, Kupol)