Find out who won Kinross’ 2016 Safety Awards

Congratulations to Dvoinoye and Bald Mountain for winning Kinross’ 2016 safety awards.

Dvoinoye and Bald Mountain were recognized for their outstanding safety performance at the 2017 Leadership Forum in Toronto. J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO and Lauren Roberts, COO presented the safety awards.

Dvoinoye received the CEO Award for Best Performance after achieving “0.0” for total recordable injury rate (TRIFR) and severity rate in 2016. This is Dvoinoye’s fourth year without any injuries resulting in lost or restricted days, and the first year without a single reportable injury on site.

Bald Mountain received the COO Award for Most Improved, with their TRIFR rate dropping from 1.65 to 0.64, and with severity levels down about 60%.

Many other sites hit significant milestones in 2016 including:

  • Paracatu – 29 years without a LTI in the chemical and process labs
  • Fort Knox – 13 years without a LTI in mill maintenance
  • Round Mountain – lowest site-wide TRIFR in 10 years

“There were notable accomplishments at every site and I thank every employee for always putting safety first each and every day. Congratulations to Dvoinoye and Bald Mountain for their achievements in safety last year and winning the award,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO.

J. Paul Rollinson gives the CEO Award for Best Safety Performance for Dvoinoye to Adriano Sobreria, former Vice-President and General Manager, Dvoinoye, who is now the Vice-President and General Manager, Chirano

Lauren Roberts, Chief Operating Officer, (second from the right) presents the COO Award for Most Improved Safety Performance to Randy Burggraff, Vice-President and General Manager, Bald Mountain, Christine Whetton, Manager, Human Resources, and Clint Nebeker, Operations Manager, Bald Mountain