Food Around Kinross: Tasiast

It is often said that food is a window into a culture. Kinross’ global locations are home to a delicious variety of cuisine and food-related customs, underlining the great diversity of our people. In the coming months, we will profile food from across our different sites and in the communities where we operate.

Mauritanian Sweet Tea
For Mauritanians, tea is a ceremonial activity. It is a revered tradition of hospitality served to all guests and at business meetings. It is made with Chinese green tea leaves mixed with ample amounts of sugar and steeped with fresh mint. It is poured from a great height and transferred from glass to glass to achieve a thick froth on top.

It is customary to drink three cups per sitting.  As the local saying goes, “The first cup is strong like birth, the second cup is sweet like love and the third cup is fine life.” (Subtle variations exist)

A local Mauritanian pours sweet tea in the traditional manner.