Fort Knox celebrates one billion gallons of treated water in 2019

Fort Knox recently achieved the significant milestone of treating their one billionth gallon of water in 2019 – the equivalent of 50,000 CAT 793 truckloads or 1,515 Olympic swimming pools!

This milestone means we are discharging approximately 8 million gallons of treated water per day from the Barnes Creek Dewatering facility, Interceptor Wells, Pit Dewatering and three Water Treatment Plants.  

The water at Fort Knox is treated by reverse osmosis and is discharged at levels that meet drinking and aquatic standards set by State regulators.

The treated water helps protect the environment and provides a clean water resource for fish habitat. In addition, by treating and discharging mine water, we retain adequate storage for tailings and wastewater at our facilities.

“We are excited to accomplish this milestone for the health and safety of our community,” said Falcon PriceOre Processing & Water Manager, Fort Knox. “A special thanks to our projects, dewatering, heap leach, electrical, environmental and process controls teams who made this milestone possible. We look forward to producing our next billionth gallon of water.”

With a few months remaining in 2019, Fort Knox hopes to treat their second billionth gallon of water in half the time as the first, building on the great work during the first half of the year.

Clean water is discharged to a nearby watershed in the Fort Knox community 

Fort Knox’s one billionth gallon of treated water this year!