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In April 2017, Kinross University was launched as part of ‘Leadership the Kinross Way’ program. To access the University, click here

Kinross University is an online platform dedicated to advancing employee development and leadership skills. The University allows employees to work through various activities that teach new capabilities, help you sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge. Through the various modules available, employees can grow as professionals and as leaders.

Since the launch, Kinross University has garnered almost 7,000 enrollments with approximately 1,500 active users worldwide.

“Kinross University has a wide range of topics and videos, ranging from TedTalks, eCornell courses, Office Essentials and various other departmental specific modules. Modules range anywhere from three to 120 minutes to let users accomplish their study goals based on the time they allot for their studies,” said Melinda Edmonds, Senior Human Resource Generalist, Bald Mountain. “Kinross U is a valuable resource for developing leadership skills and demonstrates yet another way in which Kinross invests in their people.”

Each month new content is added to the online University to provide employees with fresh strategies for career advancement. Users can filter content to match their individual needs and provide support for their respective opportunities for improvement. They can also set goals to monitor their progress and accomplishments  

“Kinross University is a very accessible, well-structured platform that allows users to filter and share material of interest – this can range from books, course modules or videos. The skills I have learned through Kinross U have given me high quality knowledge that I can share with my team so we can all work together and achieve high performance results,” said Joao Bosco Santos, Head of Ore Treatment, Paracatu, currently number two on the leaderboard.

“Kinross University helps employees to improve themselves professionally, while enhancing the quality of their performance. The program offers various modules that drive positive change in the organization. Kinross U has everything needed for an organization to succeed – from high performance results to putting people first content, the modules teach employees how to holistically better their performance as an individual and in a team,” said Valeriy Mitrokhin, Surface Electrical Foreman, Kupol. Valeriy is currently the number one user of Kinross University, which tracks the top users in a leaderboard

The homepage of Kinross University – with our 12 Leadership Capabilities based on our four core values

The dashboard of Kinross University – with various modules that can be filtered by rating, interest, author, duration etc.