Get to know our 2019 LOVA winners: Rigorous Financial Discipline

Congratulations to our 2019 LOVA winners in the Rigorous Financial Discipline category! Gold winner: Lynda RaymondOperator Dispatch, Fort Knox and silver winners, Gary JohnsonEnvironmental Superintendent ROBU/Kettle River-Buckhorn and Keith AbergelManager, Corporate Development, Toronto!

The Rigorous Financial Discipline category celebrates employees who are constantly looking for ways to innovate and find efficiencies that help us operate better, and maximize cash flow and financial resources.

Click on each winner’s bio to learn more about their accomplishments. Congratulations Lynda, Gary and Keith!

Gold Winner: 
Lynda Raymond,
 Operator Dispatch, Fort Knox

Silver Winner:
Gary Johnson, 
Environmental Superintendent ROBU/Kettle River-Buckhorn 

Silver Winner: 
Keith Abergel, 
Manager, Corporate Development, Toronto!