Get to know our LOVA 2015 winners: Outstanding Corporate Citizenship

Meet our three winners in the ‘Outstanding Corporate Citizenship’ category. We have a tie for gold – Tom Johnson, Mine Geologist, Kettle River-Buckhorn and Igor Tynaro, Bulldozer Operator, at Dvoinoye. Our silver winner is Boubacar Samba Keita, Go Line Coordinator, from Tasiast.

This category celebrates Kinross employees who enrich their environment at work and are ambassadors in their communities.

Congratulations Tom, Igor and Boubacar!

TOM JOHNSON, Kettle River-Buckhorn, Mine Geologist

No one knows exactly how long Tom has had his distinctive handlebar mustache, but it’s been with him ever since he began working at Kettle River 21 years ago. Over the years, Tom – and his mustache – have become a hallmark of KRB’s strong work ethic and its commitment to the local community.

Tom brings his enthusiasm and his love of mining to countless community events every year, from career fairs and shooting derbies to family picnics and environmental clean-up days. At Kinross’ annual Arbor Days – where local students visit the mine to learn about the environment – Tom’s panning for gold session is the highlight of the day.

His passion has been passed along to his son, Gary Johnson, who is a Senior Environmental Engineer at KRB.

Tom has also been a familiar face in many Kinross videos. Click here to watch a video about Tom and Gary.

It is easy to see why Tom is the ‘Face of Buckhorn’.

Tom Johnson with his son Gary Johnson, Senior Environmental Engineer, Kettle River-Buckhorn

Tom Johnson in his element teaching local children how to pan for gold

IGOR TYNARO, Dvoinoye, Bulldozer Operator

From the remote indigenous community of Billings, population 200, in north Chukotka, Russia, Igor has been with Kinross since 2004, working his way up from driving simple trucks to Bulldozer Operator at Dvoinoye.

A member of the Chukchi indigenous group, Igor has been a mentor to indigenous youth in the region around the combined Kupol-Dvoinoye operations, recruiting 21 young people from his hometown to work at Kinross.

Igor’s efforts, which include training each new recruit and helping him transition from home to working at a mine site, has benefited both Kinross, and indigenous communities in the region which largely rely on deer herding for their livelihoods.

An important bridge between Kinross operations and his community, Igor continues to pay it forward and embodies the Kinross values in every way. Colleagues are quick to point out Igor’s enthusiasm, coaching and leadership skills.

He plays many sports and is a part of the national snowmobile competition each year in his home town.

Igor Tynaro in front of the Komatsu D-375 Bulldozer

, Tasiast, Go Line Coordinator

Drinking tea in Mauritania is how people get to know each other, start friendships and build trust. Boubacar has used the tea drinking tradition to build bridges between employees, who often speak different languages, and with management. It serves as an ‘ice breaker’, creating an environment where issues can be openly discussed.

“Peace is created by drinking tea,” explains Boubacar, the Go Line Coordinator who organizes trucks and employees at the beginning and end of shifts.

Described by his colleagues as kind and approachable, Boubacar’s tea sessions – and the open dialogue he encourages there – have helped to create improvements at site.

“After work, I invite colleagues to have a cup of tea,” says Boubacar, “We talk about work and identify what we can improve. For example, I improved a procedure to avoid accidents when trucks return to the park (Go line). I explained to the team that they had to be very careful and created a new procedure. This fixed the problem and am proud of this achievement as a team.”

Boubacar is from Selibaby in Mauritania and is married with 5 children.

Boubacar Samba Keita

Getting the LOVA award news: Raitt Marshall, General Manager, Tasiast and Ahmed Hamadi, Mine Manager, Tasiast congratulate Boubacar Samba Keita (centre)


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