Ghana Minister reviews Chirano’s rigorous COVID-19 prevention measures

Chirano recently welcomed Ghana’s Minister of Land and Natural Resources to the mine to demonstrate preventative measures being implemented at site to protect our people and the community against COVID-19.

Upon entering the mine, visitors and employees must pass a medical screening, which includes checking the temperature of each person. The mine also encourages proper hand washing and hygenic practices and has implemented extensive social distancing practices.

To protect the surrounding community, the mine has implemented sanitization programs and rolled out a public health awareness campaign to educate residents and employees on proper hygienic practices to help stop the spread of the virus.

The Minister, the Hon. Kwaku Asomah-Cheremeh, noted that Chirano has rigorous preparedness plans in place to contain and manage a positive COVID-19 test at site, in accordance with protocols of government and health authorities. These include an isolation centre equipped with coronavirus test kits, personal protective equipment and other necessary medical supplies.

The Minister was mandated to inspect and assess measures being put in place by mining companies in the country to protect employees and the community. He noted that the measures taken by Chirano are best in class and can substantially contribute to help stop the spread of the virus both at the mine and in the surrounding communities.

Proper social distancing protocols are followed during a meeting with Ghana’s Minister of Land and Natural Resources at Chirano
The Minister visits a medical room on site
Chirano has disinfected and sanitized local communities to help prevent the spread of coronavirus
An employee has her temperature taken before entering the site