Globetrotting Geologist: Shahe Naccashian

Kinross’ Global Mobility program offers our people a diversity of experience and the opportunity to develop their skillsets in a new environment. International assignments help us address talent needs across our Company and, at the same time, can be a great career development tool.

In this global mobility profile, we meet Shahe Naccashian, a Canadian Geologist currently working at Tasiast until the end of 2014. He has spent the majority of his career in Canada, and was looking for adventure when he originally signed up to work at Kupol in April 2008. After four years in Russia’s Far East, Shahe joined Tasiast in 2013 looking for new challenges. Read about Shahe’s experience.  

Shahe Naccashian (Geology Manager) in the desert at the Tasiast mine site.