Gold Winner: Alla Gyrgolkau, Lamp Attendant, Kupol

Gold Winner: 
Alla Gyrgolkau, 
Lamp Attendant, Kupol

Alla joined Kinross in 2013 as a Lamp Attendant, and has become a vital member of the Kupol team for ensuring the safety of underground employees.

The underground mine represents one of the largest departments at Kupol. Each day, Alla receives visits from employees in need of assistance and provides support to ensure their equipment is properly charged for the duration of their shift.

“As an underground employee, I feel a sense of comfort each time I go underground and know Alla is on duty. She always has equipment prepared and can help fix problems instantly,” says an underground dispatcher at Kupol. “Alla performs a critical role in safeguarding employees underground and never lets us down. We are lucky to have someone who cares deeply for her colleague’s safety.”

A great example of Alla’s attention to detail occurred when she noticed a leak in the control room that was jeopardizing the charging table’s circuit. She quickly informed the Mine Superintendent and Power Engineer, who were able to stop the leak and prevent a short circuit.

Had Alla not identified this leak, it could have cut off the charging table’s power supply, potentially resulting in miner’s lamps not being charged or losing power while employees were on shift. As a result, employees were able to complete their shift safely and no working hours were lost.

“Alla constantly seeks opportunities to improve her work environment in order to ensure that the safety of her coworkers is at the forefront. I think there is no better candidate for this award than Alla,” says a colleague at Kupol.

Alla in the lamp department underground 

Alla heads underground!

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