Gold Winner: Isaac Osei, Technical Services Superintendent, Chirano

Gold Winner:
Isaac Osei,
 Technical Services Superintendent, Chirano

On countless occasions, Isaac’s technical savvy and problem solving skills have found solutions to complex situations at Chirano.

Isaac began working at the site in 2011 and was soon recognized by his colleagues for his outstanding performance. He quickly assesses situations, evaluates options, and makes recommendations to solve problems in the most efficient way.

He’s skilled in numerous areas, working on projects such as planning cycles, quarterly forecasts, integrated plan phases, strategic business plans, and annual budgets.

One example occurred last year when equipment became trapped on the road to the Tano pit due to heavy rains, making it impossible for trucks to get into the pit. Issac quickly gathered his team and led them through a redesign of the pit to allow for operations to continue while crews worked to clear the roadway.

Without Isaac’s determination and quick thinking, the site could have lost 45,000 ounces, the equivalent of approximately $54 million in production.

Isaac was also a key part of the team responsible for developing a business case for equipment selection and implementation of self-perform mining for open pit operations, one of the single biggest projects at the site and one that has drastically reduced costs at the pit. In 2015, this project helped yield $6.2 million in savings.

“Isaac is dedicated to his job and always looking for ways to be more efficient with time and money. His swift thinking and technical skills make him an asset at Chirano,” said one of his nominators.

Isaac in the field