Gold Winner: Lynda Raymond, Operator Dispatch, Fort Knox

Gold Winner:
Lynda Raymond, 
Operator Dispatch, Fort Knox

Since joining the Fort Knox team, Lynda has made significant contributions to improve performance and decrease costs to increase cash flow. As a dispatcher, she is responsible for ensuring her crew operates efficiently and optimizes available equipment.

In 2017, her crew moved over 22 million tons – the highest of any crew for the year, with an average distance longer than the other three crews at site. Her crew had a cost per ton of 8-9% lower than the other three crews that resulted in $2 million in savings in one year.

After analyzing the strong performance of her crew, the team found Lynda had a big hand in this success due to her strategic dispatch system. This includes her approach to optimizing equipment, segregation of fleets, or even ensuring breaks are done at appropriate times and length. The best practices she developed were shared with other dispatchers at Fort Knox and became the benchmark for the mine.

As a result, by the end of 2018, crews saved $4.5 million by following Lynda’s dispatch system.

“Lynda is my highest performing dispatcher,” said Randy Brown, Dispatch Supervisor, Fort Knox. “She is always finding efficiencies, delivering results and most importantly, keeping the safety of her crew at the forefront of her day.”

In 2019, Lynda was moved from the highest performing crew to the lowest performing crew at Fort Knox to implement her best practices and help drive change. Within three months, her crew was leading the mine in tons moved and costs per ton!

“Lynda’s work ethic is unmatched. She is determined, focused and has the ability to impart her drive on her colleagues. We are lucky to have Lynda on our team,” says a crewmember.

Lynda and her colleagues at Fort Knox

Lynda works through a problem

Lynda at her desk