Gold Winner: Otavio Melo Medeiros – Paracatu

Otavio Melo Medeiros, Community Relationship Analyst, Paracatu

Anyone who has come across Otavio knows that he has a gift for understanding and relating to people at work and in the community.

He has been a Community Relationship Analyst at Paracatu since 2006, where he has been recognized for his tact, diplomacy and ability to forge strong connections with the community around the mine. Known as the “mediator” to community members, Otavio is particularly skilled at peacefully settling issues and maintaining a close relationship with communities.

“His politeness, and ability to put himself in other peoples’ shoes makes the community trust him,” said one of his nominators.

Part of Otavio’s job is taking the complex technical projects at Paracatu and explaining them to the community in a way that everyone can understand. With communities located so close to the mine, it is an especially important part of the day-to-day relationships Otavio’s has helped strengthen.

“The Paracatu community rightfully wants to know our every big step and Otavio is the person that makes sure they know what is going on and that that they are always a priority for us,” said Elenilce Clara Ribeiro Neris, Communications Specialist, Paracatu.

“Otavio has a special way of dealing with people. He values opinions and knows how to listen to others, and also dedicates time to respond to questions which is a very important part of building trust. He is respected in the communities and there are many cases where these relationships have turned into friendships,” said Ana Maria Ferreira CunhaCommunications and Community Relationship Manager, Paracatu.

“One day, blasting was going to happen close to the community. Otavio knew that this could bother those who lived nearby. Proactively, he went to stay with the community during the entire time of the blast and explained why the vibrations were happening in a way that people could understand. Because of Otavio, we did not have any complaints that day during the blasting,” continued Ana.

What motivates him? “Knowing that I get to make a difference in someone’s life,” said Otavio. From helping improve children’s test scores in neighbouring communities in Paracatu through the Integrar program to organizing road safety campaigns, Otavio’s work creates long-lasting benefits to those around him.

Otavio lends a hand to the community delivering food to a local shelter during the holiday season

Otavio and Kinross Paracatu staff contribute donations to the community


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