Gold Winner: Rogério Da Silva Lopes, Mobile Equipment Operator, Paracatu

Rogério Da Silva Lopes
, Mobile Equipment Operator, Paracatu

Rogério believes that the safety of all employees is paramount. Rogério is a constant advocate of following safety procedures at work and helps to educate and train other employees.  

Born and raised in Paracatu, Rogério graduated as a production engineer and now works as a Mobile Equipment Operator at Paracatu.

Rogério’s desire to put people first is shown by his efforts to create an open environment at work to talk about safety. Ensuring that all employees get home safely at night is his core passion and he goes above and beyond the call of duty.

“Rogério follows all safety standards and helps the collective and individual growth of employees. He encourages colleagues to succeed and creates a work climate where people are not afraid to ask for help,” said one of his nominators.

As a leader at Kinross, Rogério is passionate about the growth and development of his fellow colleagues. He will go out of his way to answer questions, or assist employees having difficulty completing a task.

When new employees arrive, Rogério is the first to welcome them and make them feel at home. He also ensures that they understand safety procedures and acts as a key point of contact for any questions they may have.

“Rogério’s hard work to ensure that safety is always the top focus is essential to the success our operations. He will always make himself available to help when needed and is a pleasure to work with. He’s the definition of Putting People First,” said a colleague. 

Rogério at a community event hosted by Kinross

In front of a CAT 793D with a colleague

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