Gold winner: Sergey Drozdov, First Aid Station Manager, Kupol

Sergey Drozdov, First Aid Station Manager, Kupol

Since joining Kinross in 2010, Sergey has been at the forefront of health and safety for employees at Kupol. An experienced trauma surgeon, Sergey has been trained to remain calm during high-pressure situations and brings a variety of medical knowledge, and experience that benefits our people.

Upon joining Kinross, Sergey was tasked with setting up medical services at our Russian mine sites to provide high-quality medical care to our remote operations. These services resulted in a state medical license being issued at Kupol and Dvoinoye, providing our employees with top healthcare services both day-to-day or in the event of an emergency, especially important in a remote location where access is challenging.

Sergey’s efforts were put to the test during the COVID-19 pandemic, as he played a key role in protecting employees and delivering a strong response by implementing critical measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Working in challenging environments, Sergey was responsible for leading his team to develop quarantine measures, observations for employees, testing centres, and evacuation of employees with potential cases. In an effort to put his colleagues first, he conducted a special training program for the medical staff to promote best practices while working with infectious diseases. 

“During this challenging pandemic Sergey was a true leader. Without panic, he was passionate about maintaining the continuous, safe operation of the mine and maintained a positive attitude even when working long hours. His continuous contributions to improving our work environment during COVID-19 make him a stand out as someone who puts people first. I am proud to work for a man like Sergey,” said Natalya Shavrina, Nurse Practitioner, Kupol.

We thank Sergey for his hard work and commitment to providing a safe environment for his medical colleagues and Russian employees. As a result of his efforts, our operations had minimal impact from the pandemic and were able to provide excellent health services. Congratulations Sergey!

Sergey prepares for a shift during COVID-19
Sergey at one of the medical centres he helped develop