Honouring a 2014 LOVA Winner in Moscow

In 2014, Andrey Proskurin (Instrumentation & Control Engineer, Dvoinoye) earned a Gold Living Our Values Award for High Performance Culture, but was unable to travel to Toronto to attend the LOVA gala.

To honour Andrey’s achievements, a special ceremony in Moscow was arranged to present him with his award. Led by James Crossland (Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs), the ceremony was attended by Andrey, his wife Oksana, their 4 year-old son Dmitry, and members of our Moscow Office. Photos from the event are below.

“It was an honour to present Andrey with his Gold Award for High Performance Culture. From designing and implementing an in-house electronic control system that saved Kinross more than $100,000, to developing and installing automated portal gates that have transformed how employees enter the mine, the list of innovative solutions he has come up with is remarkable. It was terrific to have an opportunity to meet Andrey and his family, and to play a small role in ensuring he gets the recognition he deserves.” (James CrosslandExecutive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs)

To learn more about Andrey’s achievements, click here.

James Crossland (Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs), presents Andrey Proskurin with his Living Our Values Award


Andrey with his son Dmitry


Andrey with Lou Naumovski (Vice-President & General Director, Kinross Moscow) 


From left to right: Stanislav Borodyuk (Director, Government Relations & Public Affairs, Kinross Moscow), Yuliya Lukinova (Executive Assistant to General Director, Kinross Moscow) Andrey and his son Dmitry, James Crossland (Executive Vice-President, Corporate Affairs), Andrey’s wife Oksana, Svetlana Sineva (Vice-President, General Counsel, Russia) and Lou Naumovski (Vice-President & General Director, Kinross Moscow)