Keeping kids heads safe at Fort Knox

Fort Knox has created a program donating bicycle helmets to students at local schools under their youth safety commitment. To-date, 5500 helmets have been donated to kids in the community.

The initiative began when local law enforcement were concerned that children were using old, worn helmets with limited protection. Fort Knox decided that they would step in and provide children with new helmets to minimize the chances of injury while riding their bikes.

A parent whose child received a helmet at a school shared her story with us: “As an avid cycling family, we always make a point of wearing our helmets. My daughter received a new helmet from Kinross in replacement of her old helmet. Later that day, she had a crash on her bicycle and endured minor injuries on her body, however, her head was fine and doctors applauded her for wearing a safe helmet. Thank you Kinross for keeping our children’s heads safe!”

“We are committed to safety beyond the mine site. Having a new helmet that fits properly can make all of the difference and we are happy to be helping children in our community ride their bikes in a safer way,” said Anna Atchison, External Affairs Manager, Fort Knox. 

Smiling families as they receive their new helmets at a school event

Helmets in all colours and sizes for students to choose from

A student gets fitted for her helmet