Kinross announces new Leadership Advisory Team

We were pleased to announce this week the formation of a new Leadership Advisory Team (LAT). The LAT is composed of seasoned Kinross leaders with diverse experiences and perspectives that will act as a core advisory panel to our streamlined Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

The LAT will provide direct input and insight on organizational issues, corporate strategy and key business decisions, and will lead the implementation of these decisions based on areas of accountability. Key strategic functional groups will be represented in the LAT, including safety and sustainability, technical services, operations, exploration, finance, legal/compliance, human resources, government relations, investor relations and corporate development. Members of the LAT will evolve over time to ensure it meets Kinross’ business needs.

“The Leadership Advisory Team is indicative of the deep and talented bench strength at Kinross,” said J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO. “By formalizing this team, we are leveraging our talent and expertise to increase operational effectiveness, transparency, and communication between all aspects of the business so we are better equipped to make and implement decisions quickly and successfully without adding another reporting structure layer.” 

The creation of the LAT also aims to open up development opportunities, broaden careers, and enhance engagement among our employees. To learn more about Kinross’ Leadership Advisory Team, please visit