Kinross CEO takes part in Russia’s largest economic forum

J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO, attended Russia’s largest economic forum, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, for the fourth year in a row in June.

Paul took part in a panel called ‘Unlocking the economic potential of Russia’s Far East’ with Alexander Galunshka, Russia’s Minister of Development, and Alexander Ivlev, Managing Partner, Ernst & Young, Russia, as well as other CEOs and prominent investors in the region.

During his remarks, Paul spoke about our successful 20 year history in the country and the importance of attracting mineral resource investment to Russia’s Far East from domestic, Asian and European markets for the region’s continued success.

Paul also talked about how investment provides long-term sustainability for local communities. Kinross, for example, provides benefits to Russia’s economy, including providing jobs to 2,200 employees, and contributing $217 million in taxes and other payments, and spending $191 million on local goods and services in 2015.

He also spoke about the importance of maintaining good relations with local communities and preserving the heritage of local indigenous groups around our operations: “We have established strong local links, and work closely with indigenous communities. More than 70% of the projects of our Kupol Foundation have gone towards preserving the traditional economic, social heritage of indigenous people in Chukotka,” he said.

J. Paul Rollinson, President & CEO, (fourth from left) during the panel discussion

Delegates, from right to left: Lou Naumovski, Vice-President, General Director, Moscow, Governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin, Head of the Chukotka Moscow Office Mikhail Kazaryan and Magadan Governor Vladimir Pechiony look on during discussions at the forum