Kinross Chile attends ‘Climate Change’ in Mining dialogue

Rodrigo Moscoso, General Manager, Chile, and Claudia Onetto, Director, Corporate Affairs, Chile, recently attended the Climate Change in Mining dialogue, hosted by Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment and Baldo Prokurica, Minister of Mines, Chile, at the Government Palace in Santiago, Chile.

The dialogue brought together numerous mining companies, business associates and government officials for a strategic brainstorm to identify opportunities for mining companies to implement changes that support Chile’s climate and environmental goals.

Some key topics and takeaways from the discussion included increasing energy efficiencies, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water usage, and finding ways to promote these goals across various industries.

“We are proud to join this dialogue that brings together public and private sector companies to create change,” said Claudia Onetto, Director, Corporate Affairs, Chile. “Looking forward, the group’s knowledge, experience and commitment will be central to accomplishing the sustainable development goals.”  

This initial dialogue marked the opening of ongoing discussions to implement climate and environmental goals that will be evaluated at the Santiago Climate Change Conference (COP25) in December 2019.

Participants of the dialogue outside the Government Palace in Santiago 

Participants on the stairs outside the Government Palace in Santiago