Kinross Chirano holds Health and Safety awareness simulation

Kinross Chirano recently hosted its quarterly health and safety awareness campaign by simulating potential workplace accidents and finding ways to avoid them.

The team put together a simulation that showed how workers can be distracted and how rushing through actions can cause serious injuries and unsafe situations.

The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how every safety incident begins with a series of actions that can accumulate and potentially cause injuries. The key takeaways from the quarterly safety awareness campaign were to avoid distractions, remain focused and to complete tasks properly.

“The Health and Safety Awareness campaign is an excellent way to show employees real-life situations of how working irresponsibly can result in hazards for yourself and your team,” said Dr. Kodua Dapaah, HSE Manager, Chirano. “This campaign reminds employees of their pledge to work safely, and to be an ambassador of safety for themselves, their colleagues and the community.”

Employees on the far right talk amongst themselves during their morning round up

An employee simulates an injury as the truck crashes

The crowd watches as the team performs their safety simulation