Kinross Chirano hosts eye screening for community members

Kinross Chirano recently partnered with the Accra-based organization Third Eye Care and Vision Centre to offer free eye-screening examinations for members of the Bibiani-Anwiaso community.

The screenings were held at Paboase and Chirano health centers to ensure residents across the community could attend. Over 1,000 community members received examinations to help identify eye-related diseases such as cataracts, uveitis or long-term vision deficiencies. For example, Yaw Manu, a 70-year old farmer in the community, received treatment for vision problems that had affected his ability to work. He is grateful to have received these examinations from Kinross.

“At Kinross, we are proud to extend our support to improve the health and well-being of community members around our operations,” said Thomas Nyarko Danguah, Community Relations and Human Resource Manager, Chirano. “These screenings can help detect and treat vision impairments early on in order to prevent long term, life altering side effects from a loss of vision.”

Along with the examinations, Kinross also donated free glasses and eye drops to the community to help correct and treat vision impairments.

A patient receives an exam at the clinic 

A community member is fitted for eye glasses during the screening

Community members await their screening