Kinross hosts 2019 Safety Summits at Paracatu and Tasiast

Kinross kicked off the year with a focus on safety by hosting the 2019 ‘Safety Summits’ for the Americas region at Paracatu, and the West Africa and Russia regions at Tasiast.

The Safety Summits’ focus is on putting Kinross’ Critical Risk Management program into action by uniting senior leaders and employees in the field to identify hazards and develop controls to mitigate the risk of potential accidents.

The Summits were attended by senior corporate managers along with site General Managers, Operations Managers and Health and Safety employees.

The critical risks  reviewed include working at heights, isolation of energy, lifting and rigging, and traffic management. The teams then participated in a group session to identify concerns, areas for improvement and solutions to make the workplace safer.

“The Safety Summits are an excellent forum for representatives from our global operations to analyze working conditions and find solutions to potential hazards,” said Lauren Roberts, Chief Operating Officer. “This workshop gives management hands-on experience of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities our employees undertake to ensure their work environment is safe.”

The Safety Summits work in collaboration with Kinross’ Critical Risk Management Program that focuses on training employees to analyze and reduce risks in their daily work activities. The program was rolled out across the Company in 2018 and is further being expanded in 2019.

General Managers, Operations Managers, and Health and Safety employees from the Americas at the Safety Summit at Paracatu 

General Managers, Operations Managers, and Health and Safety employees from West Africa and Russia at the Safety Summit hosted at Tasiast